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Our Customers and Partners


Our customers in private households, business, industry, municipalities, hotels and catering are offered innovative, economical, ecological treatment technologies to always ensure they have the optimal water quality for their specific applications: soft BWT pearl-water under the shower, vital, valuable drinking water thanks to the patented Magnesium Mg2+ technology, hygienically impeccable pool water, optimal water for best taste for coffee and other hot drinks to pure and ultrapure water for the beverage and pharma and biotech industry – with BWT products and processes, our customers are always sure to receive the best technologies for the utmost safety, hygiene and health for the elixir of life - water.


With our distribution partners, planners, architects, wholesalers and plumbers, we are expanding the BWT drinking water professional network - our courses, sales support and partner news on our websites, together with the biggest range of products in this industry, represent a unique offer.