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Our Employees


Over the next few years, BWT employees will increasingly be required to implement growth strategies for the future and meet dynamic company goals. The challenge for our HR policy is to create the organisational framework conditions for this and in particular to identify the preferences and requirements of individual employees. Our company success to date is based on strong ties between our qualified employees and the company. This connection is achieved in particular through value-oriented, sustainable thinking, behaviour and actions. It is therefore essential for us to implement a dynamic mission statement of values as the basic foundation for our attitudes, motivation and mutual communication in everyday work. Our employees transport our company culture externally to our customers and suppliers and to family and friends and as such make a significant contribution to the success of the company.

Demographic changes in the industrialised countries will increase over the next few years. We need to target these challenges in our HR policy by pursuing the targeted selection of new employees, promoting the personal and professional development of our employees in the sense of life-long learning, offering flexible hours of work and focusing increasingly on the professional strengths of women across all levels of the hierarchy. We place particular importance on the trainee and vocational training programmes of young talents. As a globally active company, we see cross-cultural HR policies as a key tool in maintaining and securing our systemic HR development policy. After all, our employees are a measure of our success!