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Environmentally friendly technologies &

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Our Research & Development employees are employing state-of-the-art methodologies in working on new processes and materials with the goal of developing ecological and efficient products. Reducing energy consumption and thus minimising CO2 emissions are important aspects in the original design and further development of products and processes.

Since 2001, at BWT Group’s chief production site in Mondsee, Austria, heating requirements have been fulfilled with 100 percent biomass and therefore satisfied from sustainable CO2-neutral sources. This means direct savings of about 500 tons of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels each year.

All our main production sites have quality management systems and certificates in accordance with ISO 9001. The highest environmental standards apply to our German and Austrian sites, in accordance with ISO 14001. In addition, our Austrian sites comply with the food standard HACCP. In this way we are committed to the highest standards of hygiene and to minimising our ecological footprint. For Planet Blue